Mark’s story

Mark Millsted is a Kent based artist and illustrator in the Creative Quarter in Folkestone. For twenty years he has visualised for architects and interior designers using traditional based drawing visualisation and integrated with new media. Mark has been responsible for the output of design and visualisation proposals for architects from the early inception of project assisting with clients, designers and contractors including an architectural stone masonry.

His interest in film and animation industries has resulted in the dedicated section of the concept art folio aimed at pre-production and post-production. Themes for science fiction and fantasy are aimed towards developments in environments, character development, story boarding and matte painting and also could also have other applications in gaming, advertising and publishing.

Mark’s featured work has appeared in editorials and published in a book of draw techniques. Under the tutelage of the illustrator Rob Mason, Mark gained a degree in Illustration at Norwich School of Art and a Masters’ in architecture at the University of Dundee in 2010 where he was also a sessional tutor for drawing.